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Ci&T to Support US Clients from Argentina

Software Product Engineering and Application Development Leader to Hire 1,000 Employees Dedicated to Serving U.S. Clients

Ci&T, a technology outsourcing and software product engineering company, today announced that it is expanding its support for its United States customers with a new delivery center in Argentina. The new center, which is expected to grow to 1,000 employees in the next five years, will serve Ci&T’s U.S. clients and furthers the company’s mission to provide geographically convenient Nearshore services to its customers.

Ci&T’s new Nearshore delivery center will enable the company to produce projects for its U.S. clients with even greater agility and speed. Because of its near-local proximity and time zone, clients in the U.S. can access the center’s developers within the span of their normal workday, without having to make after-hours calls to their development team. Ci&T’s established Agile and Lean culture ensures that the developers are equipped to make on-the-fly changes with just a phone call, while clients can approve projects, deliver new specifications and address any issues with requirements in minutes — not hours.

“Ci&T is dedicated to providing the highest quality Nearshore services to our customers across the globe,” said Cesar Gon, CEO, Ci&T. “The establishment of this new delivery center will provide our U.S. customers with the geographically convenient relationship that they have come to rely on from Ci&T, enabling us to grow our customer base even more with even greater attention to the needs of our North American clients.”

The creation of this new delivery center follows Ci&T’s recent U.S. expansion, announced in May 2011, which included the opening of new offices in New Jersey and Atlanta. With a growing revenue base in the U.S. and an ever-expanding list of U.S. clients, Ci&T is dedicated to providing these customers with superior software application development services from an outsourced provider imbued with the principles of Agile and Lean.

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Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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  • That’s interesting. Which company is handling this? Who are they outsoutcing with? Or are they opening up a hub in Argentina?