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Over A Third of Cubans Use Nauta Wi-Fi Service Every Day

Cuba’s government-run wi-fi service, Nauta, has been active for a while now, but how exactly are local residents using it?

According to a recent study by Ding, a fintech company with a focus on pre-paid cellphone top-ups, 70% of internet users in Cuba are using public Nauta hotspots on a weekly basis, with a further 39% using the service every single day.

From a total of 100 people surveyed on the ground, the company also found that 54% are willing to travel up to 5km to their nearest hotspot, with a further 32% travelling even further for internet access on a regular basis.

Check out a recent BBC interview with Nearshore Americas Managing Director, Kirk Laughlin, on the topic of lackluster internet penetration in the country. 

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