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Dell Launches Global Command Center in Panama

U.S. tech giant Dell has unveiled its global command center in Panama. Built at a cost of $1.2 million, the center has a staff of nearly 30 people fluent in three languages, including English and Spanish.
Dell’s global command centers operate around the clock, and technicians working there constantly monitor issues like flight delays, traffic jams, weather conditions or even a special event that might impact the company’s ability to handle a support call.
If there is a hurricane forming in the Caribbean or flight delays out of Costa Rica, chances are that people at the Dell’s command center in Panama know about it. Armed with that sort of information, technicians in the center may reach out to those customers, and develop a contingency plan.
Dell runs five similar centers elsewhere in the world, and the center in Panama will be dedicated to Latin America and the Caribbean. Aside from monitoring, the center assesses and solves technical problems, trying to prevent or mitigate delays in the delivery of services to customers.
Dell Panama started out 13 years ago with 500 workers, but today its facilities employ more than 2,000 people, with a large majority of them being Panamanians, according to local newspapers.
“Panama is home to a lot of bilingual and trilingual talent. So we decided to place into their hands the task of monitoring the company’s regional operation,” reported Tynpanama, quoting Gustavo Ripoll, CEO of Dell for the northern region of Latin America.
Augusto Arosemena, the Panamanian minister of commerce and industry, participated at the opening ceremony and said that Dell Panama’s expansion confirms the faith multinational companies have in Panama’s economy and human talent, according to
He went on to say that the command center will also contribute to improve Panama’s technology industry. Dell said it not only invested millions of dollars in construction of the center it also trained several Panamanians in verities of technology jobs.

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Narayan Ammachchi

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