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Eight LATAM Destinations Ranked In TIME’s Greatest Places List

Eight of Latin America’s tourist hotspots made it to TIME’s 2023 World’s Greatest Places List.

The listed destinations include Dominica, Roatan Island (Honduras), Ollantaytambo (Peru), Pantanal (Brazil) and the Torres del Paine National Park (Chile).

The index of 50 destinations was created based on nominations submitted by the magazine’s correspondents around the world.

Dominica is “the natural island of the Caribbean,” says the magazine, referring to the country’s lush green forests, mountains, waterfalls and hot springs. It’s the only country where kayakers can spend a full week exploring the entire length of the island’s tranquil coastline.

Taurus National Park is home to a large number of wild pumas. Here, visitors have a good chance of spotting the elusive animal.

Pantanal is the world’s largest tropical wetland, where a wide variety of wildlife thrives. Pantanal borders Paraguay and has several rivers and small islands.

TIME magazine also urged readers to pay a visit to the Rio Grande Rainforest in Puerto Rico.

Ollantaytambo is an archaeological site that gives a deep insight into the Inca civilization. Known also as the Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo is an excellent place to learn about Peruvian food and wine.

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The island of Roatan, an archipielago surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, is located approximately 35 miles off the coast of mainland Honduras.

The index also includes Guadalajara, Mexico City and the Colombian city of Medellin.

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