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Ensuring Optimal CX Through Adaptability and Diversity

One necessary characteristic of delivering on an ideal customer experience (CX) is adaptability.

A big reason for this isn’t only the diversity of a customer base, but also the frequent changes in regulatory restrictions and personal choices. The ability to adapt is about more than a provider’s client base – it also applies to service delivery, and to the employees who are critical to success.

“Employee satisfaction equals customer satisfaction,” says Tonichi Parekh, Regional Vice President at CXperts, an omnichannel CX provider that serves brands of all sizes. “We’ve embraced the Work from Home model and continue to look for ways to further enhance remote solutions to make them more inclusive and team-friendly.”

CXperts offers a wide range of contact center, CX and business process outsourcing solutions. These span from customer care, to white-glove services, technical support, sales, collections, and back office.

We want to leverage our focus on culture and values,” says Parekh. “This allows us to provide our clients with an option for customer engagement that is largely absent from the market today.”

Building Diversity in CX

For many years the world’s biggest technology companies have known that, in order to serve a broad client base, the provider’s workforce must reflect the market and have a diverse employee base. Example of companies taking a lead in this area include IBM, Cisco Systems, and HP.  

However, though the BPO industry has recognized the need for supplier diversity, it’s been slower to embrace big changes in both its workforce and its management, particularly with regard to having women and minorities in leadership roles. To reflect the market, a BPO provider can adapt and capture greater market share with initiatives that support cultural diversity, and that provide equal opportunities for professional advancement.

In order to serve a broad client base, a provider’s workforce must reflect the market and have a diverse employee base

“We believe that women and minorities have a place in the corporate environment,” says Parekh. “They bring valuable input and ideas to businesses, paving the way towards a more equal world.”

Part of the strategy at CXperts is to begin with a positive application process, and to then promote from within. From there, a stable workforce can also result in a stronger funnel of prospective employees.

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Our internal promotion rate is over 90%,” says Parekh. “This way, we can provide long-term opportunities, and build career paths that can lead to management positions. We hire for careers from the first interaction we have with our applicants.  Focusing on the best cultural fit to match our core values, we evaluate the applicants as to what is important to them and how we can go on the journey together.”

Leveraging Automation for Flexibility

Ensuring that a company commits to the best possible hire requires a set of coherent and refined processes. Automation plays an important role in ensuring that these processes can adapt to both applicant and client requirements.  

“CXperts’ Nearsol Intelligence Assistant (NIA) platform makes interaction easier and fun,” says Parekh. “It allows applicants to apply, interact with our bots, upload videos, submit all employment requirements and schedule their interview when it’s convenient for them.”

Specifically, the NIA increases recruiter and hiring manager productivity and efficiency by 70%. It accomplishes this via a structured and consistent interview process, which supports hiring decisions by delivering the ability to compare candidates side-by-side, and to evaluate accordingly.

CXperts’ Nearsol Intelligence Assistant increases recruiter and hiring manager productivity and efficiency by 70%

“The NIA eliminates out of date assessments, and allows us to reduce bias so that we can identify candidates with the right skills and competencies,” says Parekh. “It increases the quality of new hires, while streamlining funnel velocity.”

The result is that CXperts has reduced overall applicant time to less than three hours, where historically it could be up to eight hours. This has resulted in a graduation rate in training of over 90%, with all of the target hires being met.

“An emphasis on employee satisfaction leads to higher retention rates, with some employees even referring family and friends,” says Parekh. “And it gives us a distinct advantage, with the ability to obtain talent before the competition.”

It also helps to have a broad footprint. CXperts has contact centers in the Philippines, Guatemala, and Colombia, as well as Work from Home solutions, which gives brands the flexibility to benefit from an essentially limitless talent pool. By having domestic, Nearshore, and offshore solutions – including a hybrid brick-and-mortar and Work from Home solution – the client has plenty of options to ensure they get the right solution.

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