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Faces in the Crowd

José “Pepe” Gramaglia is a program manager at Belatrix Software, working both in Lima and his home city of Mendoza. In this role, he is in charge of ensuring that the company delivers the highest value to customers, keeping team members motivated, and overseeing the staffing of new teams. And now he is focusing more on pushing innovation to create the frameworks and processes that can bring even more forward thinking to clients. His ability to do so now, after starting in 2002 as a tester with very basic english skills, is top notch. Though it hasn’t always been easy, and a move to Lima two years ago threw him into a whole new culture, this is the stuff that drives him. “There are no givens,” said Pepe. “Nothing is final or definitive. Dealing with constant changes and the feeling that you are part of that change becomes really motivational.”

Jared Wade

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