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Faces in the Crowd

Andrea Noemi Balam Magaña has been working at Kwan Technology in Mexico for nearly two years. At the company’s Mérida office in the Yucatán, she started out as a junior programmer and assisted with tech support and testing. Now, she has moved up to the position of software engineer, and her efforts were instrumental in front-end development for Kwan’s major cloud service project. With daily stand-up meetings, UX coordination, visual design, and module updating, there was never a dull moment. “You can never get bored in a job like this,” said Andrea. Now, the avid cinephile and dancer has her sights set on learning even more programming languages and further advancing in her career. “Hopefully in five years, I would like to be in a bigger position in the company — perhaps as a software architect,” she said.

Jared Wade

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