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Carla Panelo

Faces in the Crowd – Carla Panelo

Based in Argentina, Carla Panelo is a Senior IT Recruiter for Nearshore IT services provider Belatrix Software, where she is responsible for talent acquisition.

Carla has been part of Belatrix Software Factory’s HR team since September 2017 and is focused on IT profiles in Argentina, Peru, and Colombia, locating and attracting high volumes of core talent for the company.

She also has recruitment experience at Teletech, PQA, Futurestep, and IBM.

Multilingual Carla speaks Spanish as her mother language, but is also advanced in English and French. She spent time in France between 2016 and 2017, where she worked as a headhunter in the EMEA and APAC market.

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Carla describes herself as a “self believer, intra-entrepreneur, and a philomath”, which means a lover of learning and studying.

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