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Faces in the Crowd

Gabriel Vasquez has spent more than a decade working for Belatrix Software in his hometown of Mendoza, Argentina. No matter the task, Vasquez loves a challenge, and he has had more than his share as a team leader who manages more than 20 developers and testers in Lima, Buenos Aires and Mendoza. His first remote projects meant working for the first time in a different language, but it was no surprise to his bosses that this Java and .NET expert overcame that hurdle. That’s because his co-workers saw firsthand the dedication he displayed while competing his first Ironman triathlon in 2011. Gabriel trained all by himself and was still able to complete the grueling 26.2-mile marathon, 112-mile bike ride, and 2.4-mile swim — with no break — required by what is widely considered the world’s hardest physical feat. After enduring something like that, helping clients solve their software and tech problems is like a walk in the park for Vasquez.

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