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IBEX LIl Godinez

Faces in the Crowd

Lil Godinez just started working on the floor service team as a customer service representative last October. But in just a short time, he has already earned the respect and admiration of this colleagues in IBEX’s center in the Nicaraguan capital of Managua. With a bachelor’s degree in management, Godinez has fit in perfectly and thrived in his role, noting that it is a high-pressure environment when it’s time to work but that he appreciates how flexible the company has been in terms of scheduling and its policies. After less than six months of experience, he has started already handled escalated calls and hopes to continue rising up the ladder to take on more responsibility with IBEX. “My challenge is to become a supervisor, lead people to success, and be one the best within the company,” said Godinez.

Jared Wade

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