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IAOP and Nearshore Americas Partner to Drive Visibility of Americas-based Sourcing

By Kirk Laughlin, NSAM Editorial Director
We are excited to report that the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) is joining together with Nearshore Americas to create a new media-based alliance that will bring more high quality reporting and more professional development opportunities to the Nearshore community. We will be stepping up our involvement in IAOP events in the Nearshore region and will be working with the great leadership at IAOP to deliver more authoritative information to clients and customers of global services.LG-IAOP_ONLY_BLUE_LoRes

By working together with Nearshore Americas, we can reach more professionals with thought leadership as these regions continue their emergence as desirable offshore destinations –  IAOP Chairman Michael Corbett.

On a personal note, it’s people like Michael Corbett, IAOP chairman and founder, Chris Disher, IAOP Central America chapter chair, Steve Rudderham of Capgemini, Nina Kawalek, CEO, The Resource Center for Customer Service Professionals, Lori Blackman, of DNL Global, and many other very talented and very passionate sourcing industry professionals who helped propel the development of Nearshore Americas from its early stages. One of Corbett’s primary aims is to truly advance the professions with outsourced services – and there is no question the IAOP has risen quickly to claim worldwide leadership in living up to that ideal. Here is the official announcement:

IAOP Joins with Nearshore Americas to Advance Outsourcing in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y., Nov. 24, 2009 – The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®) has entered an alliance with online news provider Nearshore Americas to advance outsourcing in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada.
The media partnership between the outsourcing association and the Nearshore Americas site will provide the latest news and information to professionals in these regions.
“By working together with Nearshore Americas, we can reach more professionals with the latest research and thought leadership on outsourcing that they need to know as these regions continue their emergence as desirable offshore destinations,” said IAOP Chairman Michael Corbett.
Latin America offers many advantages to U.S. and European companies as an outsourcing destination, including low-cost Spanish-language capability and a growing, relatively low-cost, skilled bilingual workforce, as well as closely aligned time zones and cultures.
Founded in September 2009 as the first and only independent news blog dedicated to outsourcing in the Americas, Nearshore Americas’ mission is to provide news and informed opinion on the $8 billion professional services export industries of Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada.
“IAOP has a growing and influential presence in the Nearshore region and our alliance represents a shared commitment to the region’s professional development,” said Nearshore Americas Founder and Editorial Director Kirk Laughlin.
Under the agreement, IAOP will regularly contribute surveys, studies and other significant information and Nearshore Americas will cover IAOP events in these regions.
IAOP also has established media alliance partnerships with information providers in other parts of the world, including outsource magazine in Europe; Great-Idea Business Resources Company Ltd. and The Intelligent Outsourcer in Asia; and FORTUNE® Custom Projects, to serve its global members, who are outsourcing providers, customers and advisors.

About Nearshore Americas
Nearshore Americas is the only independent online magazine exclusively dedicated to the exported professional services of Latin America and the Caribbean. Nearshore Americas investigates the key trends that underlie the emergence of Americas-based sourcing, providing exclusive interviews and case studies, video reports and other features. The site is dedicated to providing valid, high quality analysis about developing successful partnerships in the region.

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Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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