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iTexico Opens ‘Hot’ New Offices in Aguascalientes

iTexico officially opened a new office in Aguascalientes last week, its second in Mexico.

The company has its main office in Guadalajara which it opened nearly eight years ago that currently has about 200 people.

“We started to feel the need to expand into another city, primarily to access talent but also to have another place for scaling,” said Anurag Kumar, CEO of iTexico, to Nearshore Americas.

Kumar said Aguascalientes was chosen as the location of the second office as it has lots of universities, a great pool of talent and a business friendly government.

iTexicoLast year, the company started operations in a small office in the city before taking over and renovating a building this year to become their new office.

“A lot of talent was commuting to bigger cities for jobs on a weekly basis and with us now in Aguascalientes they have a choice – they can work locally and spend time with their families,” he said. “We have managed to attract some very good talent and now they can stay close.”

iTexico has around 50 people working at the new office which they hope to grow to around 150.

If all goes well, the company is also looking to expand to Cancun next year to give it a presence on the eastern side of the country that will give them good infrastructure.

“It has a really nice international airport which makes it easy for us, for our employees and our customers to travel,” said Kumar.

Is the company looking to expand beyond Mexico to other Latin American countries? For now, no. Kumar said iTexico will stay in Mexico, as it is “a good country with a lot of talent.”

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He also doesn’t have to go to other countries to visit his workforce and he believes he can easily scale within Mexico itself.

“I don’t have to travel too far from Austin to visit my team, I don’t want to go too far myself. Our customers love the fact they can get on a flight and be with a team in 2-3 hours. It just makes a lot of sense for us to stay in Mexico,” he explained.

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