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Merida and Saltillo Named Mexico’s Most Livable Cities

Merida and Saltillo are the best cities in Mexico to live, according to a study called ‘Las ciudades más habitables del país‘ (the most livable cities in the country) conducted by the country’s Strategic Communication Office (GCE).

The survey was conducted in June 2016, and is based on 30,400 telephone interviews, with people from the 60 largest municipalities of the country.

The two cities scored brilliantly on housing, schools, mobility, air quality, recreation, entertainment, museums, and historic spaces, as well as natural beauty, security, and availability of jobs.

Merida led the survey with a 77.6% satisfaction rating, while Saltillo achieved 77%. Next up was Aguascalientes, followed by Colima and Campeche. Trailing behind was Chilpancingo with 49.8% and Ecatepec de Morelos with 48.8%.

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