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Motif Opens 500-Seat Call Center in Costa Rica

US-based BPO and KPO firm Motif has opened a500-seat delivery centre in Costa Rica where it will offer bilingual service in English and Spanish. The company aims to tap Latino client base in the US and other geographies. The company will invest $2.5 million in the centre and will begin operations in January next year.
“The delivery centre in Costa Rica will be the first of its kind to provide bilingual support to its clients in both English and Spanish. We studied several site locations in Latin America and settled on Costa Rica for its proximity to the US and a host of other reasons. The country may not be as cheap as other Latin American countries. But in long term the total operations cost it will be cheaper. Also, the country offers a very well educated and stable workforce,” said Chris Meneze, president and CEO of Motif.
The global expansion is part of company’s risk mitigation strategy for its customers. Apart from bilingual support, the new delivery centre will provide location redundancy.
The new centre will be with 500-seat capacity and will generate around 1,000 jobs and is part of the Motif’s network of delivery centres in India, Manila and Philippines. The company offers services like customer support, online fraud prevention, research & analytics, and back office processes. Healthcare, finance & accounting and knowledge services like social media listening and research and analytics are new service lines added to the company.
The company is also looking to shift to an IT SEZ in Ahmedabad and create at least 1000 more jobs. The process is expected to get finalised in 2010.

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Kirk Laughlin

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