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Nearshore Forum: Uruguay, the Underdog of LATAM’s Tech Ecosystem

Uruguay might be a relatively small player in a land of giants, but the country is gaining fame and momentum in Latin America’s technology landscape.

Nearshore Americas had the opportunity to chat with Carlos Acle, President of Uruguay’s Tech Industry Chamber (known also as CUTI), about the country’s place in Latin America’s tech ecosystem and what the government, academia and private enterprise are doing to raise the country’s profile in the eyes of investors, venture capitalists and even potential workers/residents.

From tech-skills bootcamps to entirely bilingual computer software degrees and even “tech visas” to draw qualified workers, Uruguay is doing what it can to compete for investment and talent in a region where the biggest players –Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, among others– tend to more easily attract the eyes of eager Nearshore investors.

You can watch the full interview below.

Cesar Cantu

Cesar is the Managing Editor of Nearshore Americas. He's a journalist based in Mexico City, with experience covering foreign trade policy, agribusiness and the food industry in Mexico and Latin America.

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