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Nominations Now Open for Nexus Illuminate Awards, Honoring the Best of Nearshore

Today, Nearshore Americas is proud to announce the official launch of the 2016 Nexus Illuminate Awards, celebrating the very best in nearshore services.
We are launching the awards program for one vitally important reason: If the nearshore industry is going to be better appreciated and understood, we have to do a better job of holding up and applauding the unique achievements of individuals, companies, and locations that are having a profoundly positive influence on the nearshore IT/BPO marketplace.
A Nexus Illuminate Award will be given to winners in six different categories, including:

Nearshore Executive of the Year

Nearshore City of the Year

Nearshore Voyager of the Year

Nearshore Entrepreneur of the Year

Nearshore Company of the Year

Nearshore Investment Promotions Professional of the Year

There is no fee to participate, but there are rules outlined below. Award winners will be announced and honored during an Opening Night Ceremony at Nexus 2016 in San Francisco on May 11 and featured on Nearshore Americas shortly thereafter.
Deadline for submissions is April 2, 2016.
Visit the Nexus Illuminate Awards Page and Submit Your Nominations
nexus illuminate awards
The judges for the Illuminate Awards will be Constanza Nieto, CEO of consulting firm Global TechBridge; Ana Heim a well-traveled Latin American tech journalist who has contributed to The Next Web and Nearshore Americas; Kirk Laughlin, founder and managing director of Nearshore Americas; and Sean Goforth, research director at Nearshore Americas.
Before making your nominations, we encourage you to read our guidelines carefully. Our team is not available to “hand hold” during nominations, so we have tried to make the process as self-explanatory as possible.

  • Judging will be guided by factors that include: the magnitude of impact of the nominee’s work; the quality of their achievements; the unique influence their activities have had on the larger nearshore industry; and the methods used to elevate performance inside and outside of their organizations. Above all, the judges will be seeking to select winners whose activities have elevated and “illuminated” the nearshore services industry.
  • Nominees are not permitted to nominate themselves; a third party must submit the nominations.
  • We will accept one nomination per person, per category. (In other words, do not submit multiple nominations for the same person in the same category.)
  • Submissions must be received no later than April 2, 2016.
  • When filling in the nominations: We recommend being specific, providing insights, data, or other means to communicate the value and impact of the nominee. Attention should be given to the nominee’s impact in the recent past. In other words, achievements from multiple years earlier will have less relevance to the judges.
  • It is not necessary to submit nominations in all categories. Scroll through and advance to the section where you want to submit a nomination, and then scroll to the end and submit your own name and contact information. (In other words, you can make a nomination in only one or two categories if you so choose).
  • We believe in keeping things fair: Therefore the Nearshore Americas team and judges are not available to answer questions about the process or evaluation. Do your best — and make your submission count!
  • Winners will be announced on May 11 at Nexus Opening Night in San Francisco

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