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TechNearshore Acquires Enteractiva, Plans to Expand to Cuba

U.S. technology outsourcing firm TechNearshore has acquired Dominican Republic-based software developer Enteractiva. Headquartered in Santo Domingo, Enteractiva employs about 45 software developers, including a few programmers in Cuba, the Caribbean island where TechNearshore is hoping to launch a delivery center later this year.
“Enteractiva is a medium-sized and boutique software development firm with a beautiful facility in Santo Domingo,”  said Jim Ryan, founder of TechNearshore in an interview with Nearshore Americas. “It is serving more than a dozen U.S. and European clients. All of its programmers specialize in languages such as .Net and Ruby on Rails.”
Enteractiva provides custom software, software support and maintenance, and quality assurance and testing. Ryan is hoping to double the size of its workforce in Dominican Republic by the end of this year.
TechNearshore is a relatively new company Ryan founded. Now, he says, his company is hoping to capitalize on three important pillars: U.S. client base, tech savvy programmers of the Dominican Republic and Cuba, and the nearshore environment.
A former AT&T executive, Ryan seems to have been inspired by the success of Talk2Rep, an omni-channel contact center service provider that he founded 15 years ago. Talk2Rep has more than 700 employees, with nearly 200 of them based in the Dominican Republic, who provide customer service, live chat, and technical support for companies, including Comcast, AT&T, Lowe’s, and American Express.
“Why should U.S. companies suffer dealing with time zones, language barriers and other issues with outsourced programmers in India and other foreign entities when they can outsource IT programming and software development less than two hours from Miami?” said Ryan.
Ryan appears confident in acquiring a skilled labor pool in Dominican Republic, because he says the founders of Enteractiva have a good relationship with universities in DR and that the island is “a hot bed” for skilled programming talent.
TechNearshore is one of the tech outsourcing firms waiting for the United States to lift all sanctions against Cuba. Ryan says his company has already engaged with a few software developers in the communist island and will launch an office in the fourth quarter of this year.
Ryan even revealed that his company might strike a partnership with the University of Havana.
“Same language, same time zone…From e-commerce and software development to apps and more, our costs are less than half that of U.S. firms and rival offshore pricing for developers,” said Ryan. “Outsourcing to a nearshore provider is just smart business.”

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