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Mexico’s Competitive Edge Continues to Erode

Mexico’s Competitive Edge Continues to Erode With a global recession well underway, many countries are bolstering their FDI attraction capabilities and setting out recovery plans for which plenty of capital will be needed. Job creation will be vital following the… Read More »


Two Trends to Watch During Latin America’s Recovery

It goes without saying that 2020 has been rough for Latin America, with many countries beginning the year with sluggish growth rates, only for the Covid-19 pandemic to hammer the region’s economies hard. Yet the “new normal” of remote working and… Read More »


Infographic: The Nearshore Workplace is Changing, Perhaps Forever

With governments and private health companies still scrambling to develop a vaccine for Covid-19, remote work – for many companies – is here to stay. One survey conducted by IDG showed that nearly three in four chief information officers (CIOs)… Read More »

2021 Nearshore Outlook: The Forces Shaping a New Industry

2021 Nearshore Outlook: The Forces Shaping a New Industry Customers, clients and Nearshore providers will be operating in a transformed climate in 2021. In-person interactions have shifted to digital channels, and customer experience (CX) has become the determining variable for… Read More »


Burnout is Real: Why Remote Can be a Creativity Killer

After more than seven months of remote work in firms throughout the Americas, many work-from-home (WFH) evangelists have already declared victory for their cause. The Covid-19 pandemic and the shift to WFH has not led to a marked drop in… Read More »


The Digital Curators Behind Neil Young’s Vast Catalogue 

Neil Young still sports his trademark shoulder-length hair. He still loves the unmistakable, haunting sound of a harmonica. The legendary singer even tours with “Old Black” – the same battered Gibson guitar he has used for the past five decades.… Read More »

How the Pandemic Will Shape the Future of Nearshore

A Post-Pandemic Boost to Nearshore Opportunity Economists and academics are already looking at a post-pandemic world, predicting that many of the structural shifts brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic will become permanent. Some are anticipating a watershed effect, wherein support… Read More »


In Haiti, Building a Serious Software Operation

Big dreams are easy to conjure, but much harder to bring to full bloom. That maxim has a lot to do with the experience of Ted Barlow, an American IT entrepreneur who supplies the vision, the horsepower and the faith… Read More »


Margins are Under Pressure, But Not Across the Board

Faced with rising costs and shrinking earnings, business process outsourcers (BPOs) have been engaging in some fancy footwork to keep profits within reach. With firms reluctant to pass on new costs to their clients, margins for some players have become… Read More »

The Latin American Economies Desperate for a Digital Awakening

The United Nations estimates that Latin America is headed for its deepest recession in a century. The Covid-19 pandemic is set to cause a more than 9% contraction in GDP this year, with more traditional markets such as commodities and… Read More »


Baufest CEO: Nearshore Has to Find a New Way Forward

Following the transition to work-from-home models across the Americas, executives are more enthusiastic than ever about digital transformation. On the other hand, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought devastating economic consequences, so companies have less to work with when it comes to investing… Read More »


Reality Check: Nearshore’s Prospects in Taking on the Mighty Goliath

For at least two decades, life in India’s sweltering megacities has revolved around outsourcing to western countries. More than four million Indians currently work in the IT industry – staffing the vast corporate campuses that dot the subcontinent, from Bengaluru… Read More »

Fierce Debate Over Prospect of Higher Prices for Digital Expertise

As we enter an era of unprecedented digital transformation, companies are frantically seeking to update their technology systems, introduce cloud infrastructure and implement strategic outsourcing. More than a third of US and UK companies not currently outsourcing IT and development… Read More »

Amazon which tapped the IT skills present in India for some of its captive centers is also expanding in Costa Rica

Gartner Analyst: Making Sense of a Troubled Territory

The chaotic transition to work-from-home models (WFH) in India and the Philippines have exposed flaws in the current services model. North American companies are more aware than ever of the risks and challenges of the offshore BPO sector. Now, many… Read More »


Tackling Workplace Inequality: Some Success Stories

“Finishing School” is an English language program in Guatemala which is tackling workplace inequality by helping locals improve their English skills and qualify for jobs in global services. The program, developed by the nonprofit BPO Guatemala, is especially useful for… Read More »