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Reaching Higher for Racial Equality

Racial discrimination in the Latin American workplace rarely makes the news, but community activists typically say it is a serious problem that impacts the quality of life of Indigenous and Afro-descendants across the… Read More »

Mexican IT

CANIETI President Calls on the Government to Do More

Businesses in all sectors, all over the world are suffering from the economic effects of social distancing and lock-downs aimed at containing the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic. The negative economic impacts have… Read More »

real estate dynamics

Mexico’s Real Estate Sector Could Be About to Plummet, Here’s Why

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mexico has introduced a mix of mandatory and non-mandatory lockdowns for commercial operations, depending on whether affected organizations are considered essential. For IT companies, this means… Read More »

The Philippines BPO Meltdown: What Went Wrong?

With its high rates of literacy and English-language proficiency, the Philippines has long enjoyed a reputation as the contact center capital of the world. The BPO sector is currently the second-main driver of… Read More »


Is COVID-19 Reshaping Our Understanding of Privacy?

We are living in challenging times in practically all sectors, and privacy is no exception. Some are already proclaiming that life, as we knew it before the pandemic, has ended forever. In this… Read More »


PCI Compliance Inside the Agent’s Home Become a Major Focus

Contact centers and BPO providers in the Nearshore and throughout the world are struggling to meet data protection guidelines, such as those issued by the Payment Card Industry (PCI), as literally millions of… Read More »


As COVID-19 Gains Strength, the Nearshore Aims to Stay Nimble

As COVID-19 Gains Strength, the Nearshore Aims to Stay Nimble On Wednesday, March 11th, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, crisis a pandemic. The Nearshore services… Read More »

stress test

The Nearshore Comes Face to Face with a Consequential Stress Test

A major test is underway to determine just how well the Nearshore services community will respond to sudden workforce disruptions, unstable customers, emotional turmoil, and local operational surprises that will undoubtedly surface as… Read More »


Video: How Prepared is The Nearshore Industry for the Impact of COVID-19?

The novel coronavirus pandemic, which causes COVID-19, is affecting the lives of millions of people, and we are already seeing the impact it has and will continue to have in the global economy.

Nearshore Scrum Masters

No Room for Failure: Mastering Scrum Requires Constant Adaptation

In our new delivery of the in-depth section, The Exchange, Nearshore Scrum Masters share their main lessons on agile software development.

Scrum listening

Q&A: One Easy Fix to a Pervasive Customer Issue

Collaboration is a core principle in scrum, and that means embracing communication in a very deep way. But, how often do managers and clients really listen to what developers in the trenches have… Read More »

art and science

Infographic: Delivering Results Grounded in Art and Science

With data from the Scrum Alliance and the 2018 International Conference on Agile Software Development we want to explore the Nearshore Agile trends.

Entrepreneur's journey

The Journey of the Nearshore Entrepreneur

The contributions of the entrepreneur to the Nearshore services sector cannot be overstated. These founders – thousands of them – have given the Nearshore industry a real identity, bringing their own unique cultural styles and sense of quality and integrity into the wider ring of global technology commerce.

Nearshore services

The Turning Point for Knowledge Services in Latin America

Latin America and the Caribbean have never been easy places to start a new business, particularly in knowledge services. Access to funding and a limited talent pool are frequently cited as common challenges… Read More »

IT exports

Infographic: What’s Booming in IT Exports

Growth projections for global services exports in Latin America in 2020 are positive. Only the cloud-based services sector will grow at a faster rate (3x more than the regional GDP), according to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).