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Fierce Debate Over Prospect of Higher Prices for Digital Expertise

As we enter an era of unprecedented digital transformation, companies are frantically seeking to update their technology systems, introduce cloud infrastructure and implement strategic outsourcing. More than a third of US and UK… Read More »


Margins are Under Pressure, But Not Across the Board

Faced with rising costs and shrinking earnings, business process outsourcers (BPOs) have been engaging in some fancy footwork to keep profits within reach. With firms reluctant to pass on new costs to their… Read More »


Baufest CEO: Nearshore Has to Find a New Way Forward

Following the transition to work-from-home models across the Americas, executives are more enthusiastic than ever about digital transformation. On the other hand, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought devastating economic consequences, so companies have less to… Read More »

The Philippines BPO Meltdown: What Went Wrong?

With its high rates of literacy and English-language proficiency, the Philippines has long enjoyed a reputation as the contact center capital of the world. The BPO sector is currently the second-main driver of… Read More »

Amazon which tapped the IT skills present in India for some of its captive centers is also expanding in Costa Rica

Gartner Analyst: Making Sense of a Troubled Territory

The chaotic transition to work-from-home models (WFH) in India and the Philippines have exposed flaws in the current services model. North American companies are more aware than ever of the risks and challenges… Read More »


Reality Check: Nearshore’s Prospects in Taking on the Mighty Goliath

For at least two decades, life in India’s sweltering megacities has revolved around outsourcing to western countries. More than four million Indians currently work in the IT industry – staffing the vast corporate… Read More »

Reaching Higher for Racial Equality

Racial discrimination in the Latin American workplace rarely makes the news, but community activists typically say it is a serious problem that impacts the quality of life of Indigenous and Afro-descendants across the… Read More »


Q&A: Facing Prejudices Right Here, Right Now, in Latin America IT

The “Black Lives Matter” movement has unleashed long-simmering frustration over widespread inequities in the United States and inspired protests against racism in many countries around the world. With the issue of systemic discrimination… Read More »


Tackling Workplace Inequality: Some Success Stories

“Finishing School” is an English language program in Guatemala which is tackling workplace inequality by helping locals improve their English skills and qualify for jobs in global services. The program, developed by the… Read More »


In a Time of Crisis, Teleperformance Places Greater Confidence on the Nearshore

In a Time of Crisis, Teleperformance Places Greater Confidence on the Nearshore Teleperformance is one of the largest BPO companies in the world. With a presence in almost 80 countries, its footprint in… Read More »

geo diversity

Infographic: Geo Diversity Feeds the Teleperformance Engine

Infographic: Geo Diversity Feeds the Teleperformance Engine Geo diversity in Nearshore locations is generating the capacities necessary to sustain a diverse set of revenue streams for Teleperformance’s Nearshore engine. Ibero-LATAM President and CEO,… Read More »

Colombian Caribbean

The Colombian Caribbean: Four Reasons to Take a Closer Look

There is no disputing that Colombia ranks as one of the best performing Latin American countries for Nearshore service delivery. That fact has been made extremely clear over the last five years as… Read More »


In the Face of a Major Crisis, Mexican IT’s Future Depends on Flexibility

In the Face of a Major Crisis, Mexican IT’s Future Depends on Flexibility In this new edition of The Exchange, we focus on how the Mexican IT industry is coping with the COVID-19… Read More »

Mexican IT

CANIETI President Calls on the Government to Do More

Businesses in all sectors, all over the world are suffering from the economic effects of social distancing and lock-downs aimed at containing the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic. The negative economic impacts have… Read More »

real estate dynamics

Mexico’s Real Estate Sector Could Be About to Plummet, Here’s Why

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mexico has introduced a mix of mandatory and non-mandatory lockdowns for commercial operations, depending on whether affected organizations are considered essential. For IT companies, this means… Read More »