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Transparent BPO Launches its Mega Call Center in Belize City

Nearshore call center services provider Transparent BPO has unveiled its third contact center in Belize, making room for adding another 400 staff to its operations in the Central American country.

With 32,900 square feet of floor space and four stories, this will be the largest BPO facility in Belize.

“This building truly marks the beginning of the next phase of Transparent BPO’s evolution,” said Scott Newman, CEO, in a speech during the opening ceremony. “As many of you may have seen, we are currently recruiting hundreds of agent positions and many managerial positions to support our growth as we expand our operations here in Belize.”

Newman also announced that he plans to expand the company’s operations beyond Belize City by launching a delivery center in Belmopan early next year. The expansion will enable the company to employ more than 2,000 Belizeans in a variety of roles, including management.

Transparent is one of the largest private sector employers in the small country with an extensive Caribbean coastline. With Spanish being the second language of Belize, Transparent BPO found it easier to hire bi-lingual agents there.

Transparent, founded in 2009,  makes much of its money from US-based clients. It claims to train every new recruit on the job. “Every one of our agents goes through a two-week training program where they learn the skills vital to providing quality customer experience at every stage of the customer lifecycle,” the company states on its website.

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Narayan Ammachchi

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