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Webinar Explores Rise of “Virtual Experience Economy”

Nearshore Americas is gearing up to organize a webinar on how entrepreneurs can capitalize on the “virtual experience economy”, something that the COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to.

In this age, innovative brands will be those that use technology to deliver richer customer experiences with their products and services.

Some businesses have indeed found out ways to enrich customer experiences.  Teashops, for example, are offering options to pre-order a cup of tea so that it will be ready and paid for by the time you appear at the shop to collect it.

In a 2019 survey by Momentum Worldwide, 76% of consumers said they would rather spend their money on experiences than on material items. The report noted that brands have a unique opportunity to connect and make an impactful impression on consumers through experiences.

The event is scheduled at 2 p.m. EST on November 19th.

During the webinar, Jeremy Jepperson, a senior executive at customer experience leader Everise, and Ted Hunting from cloud contact center software provider Bright Pattern, will share their perspective on the virtual experiences economy.

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They will also explain how some brands are making the most of the trend by deploying new technology solutions.

In contact centers, artificial intelligence is already being used to improve both the customer and agent experience. The event will shed light on the role of technology in making CX sustainable.

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