Nearshore Americas

Faces In the Crowd

Anthony Gibbons never planned to work in IT services. He was a nurse with plans to become a doctor. But one day in 2006, after dropping his friend at the Qualfon office in Georgetown, Guayana, he went inside on a whim. “I was still not interested in that type of job,” Gibbons said. “I was just going through a phase.” But he became a call center agent and loved the environment. “One of the questions in the early part of my tenure was ‘Where do I see myself in three months?’” Gibbons admired the operations manager there at the time. “He looked very important,” Gibbons said. “I see myself where that guy is.” Seven years later, he reached that goal, becoming operations manager in charge of the Tracfone account, which employs more than 1,000 agents in a country of less than 750,000. “This is the best position for me.”

Juan Diego Pulgarin

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