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Bismarck Lepe

Si Se Puede

Bismarck Lepe is one of the most successful and outspoken Mexican-American entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. We recently profiled the work that he and others are doing to try to encourage young Latina girls to start coding. But the Wizeline and Ooyala founder is a big advocate of using the phrase “Si Se Puede,” or Yes You Can, for encouraging all those in the Spanish-speaking world to pursue a career in technology. “Let’s allow kids to put a face to a name — and identify success as a hallmark for our culture,” Lepe wrote on LinkedIn. “Let’s be present in the community and put both our time and money down on our future. If I had seen a single ‘successful’ adult who looked like me, it would have changed my perspective. Let’s be the the embodiment of ‘Si Se Puede.’”

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Jared Wade

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  • Bismark Lepe and his brother are extraordinary guys, and an example and motivation for many, including myself. The man created, through intelligence hard, hard work a very successful startup (Ooyala) that had a very good exit, and instead retiring young and sipping Margaritas all day long, he decided to go back to the grind and start all over again with Wizeline. Both Ooyala and Wizeline had dual-nation operations in California and Guadalajara. Because of people like him, there are early indications that the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Guadalajara is starting to rise. So … “si se puede”.