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‘Rigorous’ Certified BPO Trainer Credential Coming Soon


The Certified BPO Master Trainer (CBMT) credential from the BPO certification Institute (BCI) is finally on the horizon and the Outsourcing Professional Certification Council (OPCC) has completed its pre-approval validations. Launched simultaneously across 40+ countries in January 2011, the CBMT is the world’s first credential for BPO Trainers and is based on rigorous HCMS21-dictated assessments.

A recent BCI research indicated that the Trainer-trainee ratio in the global BPO/outsourcing industry is extremely adverse, standing at a dismal 1: 12000. This dearth of trained and certified BPO/ outsourcing trainers, in turn, has severely impacted the capacity building efforts of emerging BPO nations in Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

The BCI CBMT program aims at helping nations develop a large force of BPO/ Outsourcing Master Trainers, who, in turn can develop trainers down the line and hence vitalize the capacity-building component of the BPO/ KPO/ outsourcing eco-system. More than 5000 Trainers across the world are expected to be credentialed during 2011.

The CBMT certification will be available through the international network of authorized BCI Certification Training Providers, who will deliver HCMS21-aligned pre-certification MasterClasses and also coordinate CBMT credentialing assessments with the BCI Human Competence Examination Board (HCEB). Notably, BCI Assessment Centers (BACs) are the world first and the largest network of dedicated and state-of-the-art centers for assessments related to the BPO/ KPO/ outsourcing industry.

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Most notably, the CBMT credential is expected to establish a stringent, reliable and internationally relevant qualification benchmark for trainers globally and will be of special help for new and emerging BPO nations in developing their resources of worldclass BPO trainers – the most critical and glaring piece of the resource crunch which these nations have been facing.



Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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