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Computer Lab to Benefit School Kids in Rural Guatemala

Source: Fresh Plaza

Agroamérica, together with the Ministry of Education, Microsoft, and the Sergio Paiz Foundation (FUNSEPA), an NGO that contributes to social and economic development projects in Guatemala, has created the first computer lab for a school located in rural Guatemala.

This lab will benefit the 221 children who attend the San Francisco Madre Vieja School located in Tiquisate, Escuintla. This community has a total population of 654 people, half of which are under the age of 15.

With this computer lab, Agroamérica opened up a new world of communication to students and the entire community because the laboratory will also be available in the evenings as an Internet cafe. The Internet café concept will generate an income that can be used to make the lab self-sustaining and pay for the maintenance of the equipment. The community will be able to use the Internet to communicate with relatives living outside of Guatemala.

The computers are installed with programs that address the content of Guatemala’s Basic National Curriculum, and Agroamérica is working with FUNSEPA to provide technical training for the school teachers and the community leaders.

Agroamérica was awarded the “Contribution to the Rural Community” presented annually by the Guatemalan American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in the Education category.

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Gustavo Bolaños, president of the plantation division of Agroamérica, stated: “Through our CSR programs, we support several schools. This current project will be especially successful because the children have not yet had the opportunity to operate a computer, and technology plays an important role in the world today.”


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