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Don't Stop at Just Handling Calls: The Bigger 'Asset Acquisition' Opportunity for Providers

We know times are tough. But being mindful of the fact that a “recession is a terrible thing to waste,” call center service providers might want to take a close look at what more they can do for their clients. How well does the client’s HR functions perform? Are they wary to make deeper investments in newer technologies liked unified communications because – well, let’s face it – it’s not their core competency?
These are some of the central questions outsource providers should be asking as they consider extending the support functions they provided to clients. The ‘extension’ can come in the form of outright acquisition of assets such as technology, people and infrastructure.  Dallas-based ACS has been a leader is this area, as described in this insightful post by Frost and Sullivan senior analyst Keith Dawson.
Dallas-based ACS (which recently acquired e-Services operations in the Caribbean) has worked with mega-clients such as GM, GE and Motorola in performing asset acquisition deals. As Caribbean-based outsourced service providers continue to strengthen their BPO capabilities, it will be important to keep eyes fixed on the next wave of opportunity.

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