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Faces in the Crowd

Cesar Donofrio co-founded Making Sense in 2006 and within two year had a development center in his hometown of Mar del Plata, Argentina. With a focus on software development and user experience, the firm has continued its growth in Latin America and recently sold one of its premier products — a landing page platform called Lander that is used by the likes of Cisco and Patagonia — to a Silicon Valley firm. Watching this project go from development to undeniable success has been a great source of pride for Donofrio. But the CEO of Making Sense, who is also an avid sportsman who loves taking road trips to the outdoors with his family, considers the entire operating philosophy of the company as his greatest accomplishment. “Our company has clients in the U.S., but 90% of our workforce is located in Latin America, and a great portion of it is based in Argentina, where I was born,” said Donofrio. “I feel proud these developers can succeed in such a competitive market.”

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