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Vivion Scully

Faces in the Crowd: Vivion Scully

Vivion Scully is the Consul for JAMPRO’s North American Region Office where he promotes trade and investment for Jamaica. He has held this position for nearly five years and is based in New York.

He is also the Director of VIOMARK Trading , a Caribbean distributor specializing in personal care, household cleaning and office products, where he has been for 13 years.

He has held two previous positions at JAMPRO: he was the head of the ICT/BPO investment sector for three years and the manager of the Caribbean, Latin America and emerging markets for a year.

Zach Marzouk

Zach has worked in the UK as a B2B technology journalist and is currently a News Editor at Nearshore Americas. He is based in Buenos Aires - feel free to contact him if you have any story ideas or want to chat about the industry.

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