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Mexico Has World’s Greatest Food Cart

Intrepid chef and restauranteur Anthony Bourdain has traveled the globe far and wide, eating things that would make an average man squirm. He knows where to go, what to buy, and how to cook it. So when he says that Sabina Bandera of Ensenada, Mexico, runs the best food cart in the world, who could argue? Her cart, La Guerrerense, is renowned for tostadas slathered with uni, and Bourdain will soon take the business to New York to become a foundational part of an vendor market he plans to open on Pier 57. It could be a few years before Bourdain’s dream to bring together international flavors comes to fruition, however, so until then you can only find Sabina’s culinary treasures in Ensenada. (Photo: Anthony Bourdain)

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Jared Wade

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