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ICT Group is Hot on Latin America and Sees More Investment

ICT Group (which employs about 1,700 workers in Costa Rica, Mexico and Argentina) is yet another global proponent of Latin America outsourcing based on some remarks senior executives made on Wednesday about the company’s outlook and why centers in Latin America will play a bigger support role for clients. The company, based in Newtown, PA, brought in close to a half-billion in revenue last year and-  like many in the BPO provider community – the firm is trying to leverage its higher margin offshore operations. Some highlights of the ICT analyst call (which is available in full text by clicking here):

  • Latin American operations provide for alternative offshore capacity for North American and European clients.
  • Companies are increasingly looking to outsource more of their non-core functions to reduce cost and they continue to prefer lower cost offshore solutions. Increasingly, they are looking for a second offshore geography particularly Latin America, so as not to put all their eggs in the Asian basket.
  • Latin American expansion: It’s  earmarked for international development.

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