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ACS Will Bulk Up Offshore and Hire Less Onshore; More Staff Join DR Facility

You have to give credit to Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS) for anticipating the next wave of global sourcing and seeing beyond the turmoil of the current economic crisis.

ACS executive VP Ann Vezina
ACS executive VP Ann Vezina
As Tom Blodgett, ACS executive vice president and Group President of ACS’ Business Process Solutions line of business told us in a recent interview “the caravan is moving along” in response to a question about the politics of outsourcing, the organization is definitely not standing still waiting for Accenture, IBM or Tata to claim more business. In an interview with InformationWeek yesterday, ACS executive VP Ann Vezina said that the company is headed toward establishing an even employee balance between offshore and onshore.
This would be a pretty dramatic shift, given the fact that about 70% of the company’s workers (ACS employs over 74,000 worldwide) are currently in the onshore category.
What are the implications for the nearshore community?
ACS already has established operations in Mexico, Guatemala and Jamaica (along with St. Lucia), through its recent acqusition of E-Services. The company is also adding about 150 positions to a facility in the Dominican Republic. There is no question ACS is looking at more opportunities in the nearshore – in fact, some sources are indicating that the next Caribbean stop will be Barbados.

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