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Jamaica Among Tripadvisor’s ‘Best Places to Visit in 2019’

TripAdvisor has ranked Jamaica among the world’s 25 best tourist destinations for 2019, placing 14th in the annual Travelers’ Choice Awards.

London is ranked in first place this year, while Playa del Carmen in Mexico is ranked 17th and Cusco, in Peru, is ranked 23rd.

Jamaica’s popular tourist hangout Negril’s Seven Mile Beach has been described as one of the 10 best beaches in the world.  Tripadvisor selected the best beaches on the basis of traveler reviews and ratings for beaches on its website, gathered over a 12-month period.

Tourism is a major source of revenue for many Caribbean countries, with the livelihood of one in every four Caribbean resident linked to tourism, according to Jamaica’s tourism minister Edmund Bartlett.

“Jamaica is very pleased to once again receive these incredible accolades from the acclaimed travel website,” Bartlett said in a statement.

“We have been increasing our efforts to better meet the needs of our visitors, by focusing on securing meaningful investments and improving on the variety of quality offerings in the destination.”

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Dotted with numerous beach resorts, Jamaica welcomed as many as two million visitors in the first five months of this year, earning US$1.7 billion in revenue.

TripAdvisor is reportedly the largest “social travel website” in the world, with about 315 million reviewers and some 500 million reviews of hotels, restaurants, attractions and other travel-related businesses.

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