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LatAm Journalists Launch Center for Transnational Investigative Journalism

A new initiative to grow investigative journalism in Latin America has been launched to facilitate cross-border collaborative reporting. Five journalists from Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and Brazil spearheaded the creation of the Latin American Center for Transnational Investigative Journalism, which is called CLIP in Spanish.

Initial funding from non-profits such as the Atlantic Foundation and the Tinker Foundation will be supplemented through its business arm which will allow them to capitalize on their content, according to the Knight Center.

María Teresa Ronderos, director of CLIP and one of its founders, said in an interview with the Knight Center: “We are going to lead collaborative transnational projects of investigative journalism, and we want to find the most qualified people to work on these things, but, we are also helping to support and develop those projects that other people are already cooking and that don’t have a guide, but that is purely collaborative.”

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Bianca Wright

Nearshore Americas Contributing Editor Bianca Wright has been published in a variety of magazines and online publications in the UK, the US and South Africa, including Global Telecoms Business,, SA Computer Magazine, M-Business,, Business Start-ups, Cosmopolitan and ComputorEdge. She holds a MPhil degree in Journalism from the University of Stellenbosch and a DPhil in Media Studies from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

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