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Beer Brands Are the Biggest

With brands worth more than $8 billion apiece, Skol beer in Brazil and Corona in Mexico are easily the highest-valued in Latin America. In fact, beers hold down five of the top 10 spots, according to a study of the region’s top 50 brands by Millward Brown and MPP. While beer dominates, Mexico and Brazil show that size really does matter by taking 14 of the top 20 spots. Only Chile (with four entries in the top 20) and Colombia (with two) were able to muscle in against the big-boy economies, and the first brand outside those four nations, BCP bank in Peru, ranks way down at 31st. Collectively, the top 50 Latin American brands have a value of $131.9 billion, which is a 2% increase from $129.2 billion in the 2014 study.

Jared Wade

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