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Latin America Looks to Energy Alternatives to Minimize Power Disturbances

Energy alternatives could address Latin America’s power shoratges. USA’s Vycon, Inc. invited reps from LatAm’s International Power Association to discuss back-up power solutions for some of Latin America’s power disturbance prone areas. The products offered include flywheel technology and the advantages of customers vs. chemical-based energy storage such as VRLA batteries and Lithium-ion.

Representatives at International Power Association said: “Latin America’s power grid presents unpredictable challenges not found in the United States. Specialized equipment is required to achieve high reliability in areas with frequent power disturbances.”

Vycon, Inc.’s pinnacle services offer two main flywheel systems, which either turn regenerative electrical energy to electrical energy when needed or VDC units that work in tandem with UPS batteries to provide instantaneous power when required. All have very long service lives and are designed to deal with prolonged power disturbances.

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