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MetLife Brazil Taps Nearshore Provider Ci&T

 Ci&T, a Nearshore provider of value-driven web and mobile application services and software product engineering, today announced that it has provided application management services to MetLife Brazil, the world leader in life insurance, to guarantee constant availability of mission-critical applications and enable the IT team to focus directly on business-critical activities.

Ci&T’s high-performance teams deliver application management services to MetLife Brazil and provide ongoing support for many applications within the organization. The entire application management process is shared by the two companies, including attendance and recording of calls, management concerns, follow ups with customers and suppliers and identification of the root causes of issues. The knowledge gained through this shared management process can be applied in other application support scenarios at MetLife and contribute to the success of the company’s overall business objectives.

Breno Gomes, chief technology officer at MetLife Brazil, feels that application support is a big issue for many companies. In regards to his company’s relationship with Ci&T, he said, “The greatest benefit is that Ci&T offers metrics and reports with deep analysis that enable us to identify the source of problems and resolve them quickly.”

“Prior to our engagement, MetLife Brazil was responsible for managing many applications, leaving little time  to find ways to improve,” said Daniel Jerozolimski, director of application management services at Ci&T. “Our high-performance teams are in constant communication with MetLife Brazil’s IT team and we are able to take on application management and support, allowing the IT department to focus on more business-critical activities. For our teams, it’s not enough to just provide support, we want to become a partner to truly help them achieve their business goals.”

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