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Mid-tier Outsourcer, Northridge, Opens Delivery Site in Argentina

Atlanta, USA & Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA — Northridge, a professional services firm focused on delivering high-value business consulting and technology services on the Microsoft platform, announces the recent opening of the Northridge Global Development Center (GDC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, extending Northridge’s ability to deliver high-quality, cost effective services and solutions to its clients and partners.

The Northridge Global Development Center in Buenos Aires is owned and operated by Northridge, providing the company with full control of the recruiting of talented personnel, the implementation of company best practices, and the delivery of high-quality solutions for clients and partners. Northridge has already begun deployment of hybrid team models comprised of Northridge personnel located both in the United States and in Argentina for many types of client engagements. Client-facing project roles including strategy consultants, senior managers, SharePoint functional consultants, software architects, and database consultants continue to originate from the Northridge workforce based in the United States, while roles such as software engineers or creative designers may be sourced from Northridge’s Argentina office depending on the solution type and specific requirements.

Regardless of project team locations, all client projects leverage the Northridge True North MethodologyTM. True North is a project delivery model based on industry-standard best practices and is designed to ensure predictable and repeatable high-quality solution delivery within budget and timeline. Northridge has more than 10 years of successful client engagements delivered through the True North Methodology.

Northridge selected Argentina for the Northridge Global Development Center due to a number of supplemental benefits when compared to other common offshore destinations such as India, Eastern Europe, or Asia. For example, Buenos Aires is one time zone from the US / Eastern Time zone, resulting in productive project team collaboration during standard U.S. business hours, and eliminating the need to schedule client conference calls at inconvenient times and require the Northridge Argentina team to work abnormal hours. In addition, should Northridge United States personnel or client personnel need to meet directly with the Northridge Argentina team in the Northridge Global Development Center, daily direct flights are available from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport as well as many other U.S. international airports, providing shorter, more readily available travel options compared to other common offshore locations. Finally, Northridge recognizes the many cultural similarities between Argentina and the Unites States which translate into stronger communication, better team relationships, and a more accurate understanding of client business objectives which further enable the delivery of high-quality solutions.

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“The opening of the Northridge Global Development Center in Buenos Aires is a milestone in our core mission to deliver superior value in every client engagement,” commented Rob Patten, CEO of Northridge. “The Global Development Center further enables our ability to develop innovative, high-quality, cost-effective solutions for our clients while providing the highly-skilled business consulting and technology professionals that Northridge is known for.”

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