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Alonso Segura Vasi

Peru’s Finance Minister Named Best in Region

Peru’s Finance Minister Alonso Segura Vasi was named the best in the region by the publication Emerging Markets, which noted the difficulty he faced coming into the role in 2014 just as the bottom fell out on copper prices. Economies throughout South America are slowing down as commodities plummet in value, but Peru is better positioned than most to endure the bad times. It ran a budget surplus in the boom years and Segura, who previously served as chief economist at Peru’s largest bank, has managed to smartly increase debt issuance without spooking markets. “We are facing more complex times,” said Segura at the award presentation. “However, we remain an economy that has displayed a remarkable performance in the region and Peru will therefore continue on this path towards the future.” He was honored during the annual meeting of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund held in Lima. (Photo: Simon Chara)

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