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Roll Video: What is Driving The Captive Explosion in Latin America?

Latin America is experiencing a continued influx of companies implementing the captive model, as well as introducing shared service centers and centers of excellence. These internal initiatives—owned by the company, not outsourced—provide both regional and international companies economic benefits, as well as simplified scalability and increased quality control.
Over the last ten years, the Latin American countries with the most inbound FDI for shared services were Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica, and Colombia. Most companies are setting up multi-function service centers to drive more synergy across functions; for example, driving connection between finance and IT to operate more efficiently.
Every other year, Deloitte performs a global shared services survey with over 300 organizations participating since 1999. The survey provides a rich data set that highlights what companies are doing with captive and shared services, both in Latin America and globally.
Speaking at Nexus 2016 in San Francisco, Luis Ojeda, Deloitte’s Shared Services Leader for Latin America, breaks down the key data points of the survey, detailing the key industry trends that are driving the captive explosion in Latin America.
To see the highlights of Ojeda’s valuable presentation, click here.

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