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Sourcing Brazil and Global Delivery Report: Two Big Additions to Outsourcing Media

When we launched Nearshore Americas less than two years ago, we could not have fathomed how quickly our brand would grow and that we would launch two more sites and a major conference all in our second year of business! Thanks to the extraordinary performance of Nearshore Americas, our smart team of editors and sales leaders, and the broad sponsor support Nearshore Americas has received (we have now worked with over 30 sponsors), we are proud to introduce two new, high quality business media websites: Sourcing Brazil and Global Delivery Report.

Both sites are focused on engaging audiences with rich, hard-to-find content, that follows a fairly simple formula: Deliver intelligent and independent news and analysis that gets to the heart of the biggest issues faced by today’s outsourcing buyers/ customers.We find this formula works very well for a market that – quite clearly – has been starved for high-quality, business-driven journalism focused exclusively on this vibrant industry sector. It’s not by accident, by the way, that the top editors of our two new sites both have a deep background in IT business media, having worked over the last twenty years for major publishing firms like IDG (ComputerWorld, NetworkWorld and others) and Ziff Davis Media (PC Magazine, EWeek and others.)

Now on to the specifics of each site:

Sourcing Brazil: The official launch of the site will take place this week. If you are a regular follower of Nearshore Americas, you will surely know about it! The chief editor of “SB” is Dennis Barker (contact him here) , and our Brazil editor is Filipe Pacheco, who has already been working hard developing stories for Sourcing Brazil from the cafes, conference halls and office towers of Sao Paulo. The launch sponsor of Sourcing Brazil is Brasscom. Keep up with the “Brazil beat”  by following Sourcing Brazil on Twitter, @SourcingBrazil.

Global Delivery Report: Up and running for several weeks, Global Delivery Report offers analysis of global outsourcing delivery trends along with a healthy dose of insights on one of the most promising IT hubs in all of Latin America – Guadalajara. Recent popular posts include pieces on procurement and sourcing, Guadalajara startups and a particularly interesting opinion piece on how developers can mix both passion and technical expertise in delivering quality software. Veteran business and IT journalist Bob Scheier is editor of Global Delivery Report, and can be reached here. Follow the site on Twitter: @globaldeliver

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-Kirk Laughlin, CEO and Founder, Next Coast Media


Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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