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Uruguay Named LATAM’s Best Country for Remote Work

Uruguay was named as Latin America’s top country for remote work.

Cybersecurity provider NordLayer put out the latest edition of its Global Remote Work Index, in which it ranks the WFH capabilities of over a 100 countries depending on their cyber safety, economic resiliance, social safety and infrastructure.

Uruguay was ranked 43rd overall, but got top ranking in Latin America, followed by Chile (50th) and Costa Rica (54th).

Other Latin American countries in the index include Brazil (55th), Mexico (57th), Argentina (62nd), Peru (63rd), Panama (69th) and Colombia (71st).

NordLayer’s report praised Uruguay for its inclusiveness and personal rights, which make it an attractive destination for remote workers.

“Uruguay reigns as the top-ranked South American nation, distinguished by its inclusiveness and personal rights,” the report said.

Costa Rica was ranked 54th despite its recent declaration of a cybersecurity emergency. The report noted that Costa Rica’s natural beauty and effective healthcare services make it attractive to digital nomads, even in the face of cybersecurity challenges.

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The report also found that Latin American countries are generally appealing to remote workers due to their tourist attractiveness.

“Unsurprisingly, all South American region is marked by generally high rankings in tourist attractiveness,” the report stated.

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