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Infographic: More Air Flights, More Routes Link the U.S. and Latin America

Although it hasn’t ocurred overnight, international air carriers are beginning to get very focused on making Latin America a key part of strategic growth plans. The data continues to show strong demand for flights from the U.S. into Latin America and the Caribbean, and carriers from JetBlue to venerable American Airlines are taking note.

Over the past few years, American, US Airways, Delta, and even low-cost carriers, including JetBlue and Spirit, have introduced non-stop flights to major cities in Latin America. More than 70 percent of passengers flying on these routes are, interestingly, the customers of U.S. carriers. American Airlines alone controls 17 percent of the seats.(more below)



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In the Caribbean, however, JetBlue is quickly becoming the dominant carrier. The low-cost carrier has over the years added routes to Colombia and Costa Rica, and has done a masterful job gaining access to key Caribbean destinations.

The arrival of low-cost carriers seems to have changed the market once and for all. According to a New York Times report, after the JetBlue began service from Orlando to Bogota, the average fare fell 41 percent and the number of passengers flying that route increased 300 percent.

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But a majority of flights heading to Latin America begin their journey from Miami, Florida. But analysts say this trend is likely to be changed in the days ahead. This infographic shows flights to Latin America from five US cities including Miami, New York City, Orlando, Dallas and Huston.

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