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Canadian Adoption of Quebecois Poutine Outrages Culinary Patriots

Imitation is often the sincerest form of flattery, but try telling that to Quebecois poutine proponents outraged at the “cultural reappropriation” of their beloved dish.

The once humble dish has attracted international acclaim — a quick recce of #poutine on Twitter reveals a smorgasbord of emulous offerings from the Philippines to Philadelphia. And now the chips, cheese curds and gravy hangover stalwart is being labeled as Canadian, outraging swathes of Quebec foodies.

“Now that poutine has become an international superstar, Canadians want to say it is theirs, but it is not,” says “Poutinologist” Nicolas Fabian-Ouellet, who is writing a book on poutine culture.

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Have your say: Should the dish be presented as Canadian, or should its Quebecois flag fly high? 

Johanna Cronin

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