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Colombia’s Zemoga Still Bleeding Passion

On a recent visit to Bogota, social media blogger Chris Brogan had nothing but great things to say about Zemoga, co-founder  DJ Edgerton and the the 100-plus team of creative pros passionately spinning out great multimedia products for all kinds of digital elite clients across the U.S.

I met DJ a few weeks ago in New York City and heard DJ – chugging along quite well with just a few hours sleep – talk about the purely accidental meeting (in an elevator) he had with Zemoga co-founder Alejandro Gomez several years ago when Alejandro – a Colombia native – showed up in the streets of New York City with nothing but a briefcase full of his work samples.

At the time, DJ was running a different digital agency. In a few years time, DJ and the firm parted ways and the door was open for DJ to reconnect with Alejandro. That was 2001.

Since then Zemoga has taken the nearshoring model and powered it with raw ambition and a simple commitment to integrity and empowerment of its teams – the true fuel cells of this extraordinary outfit.

Zemoga is now servicing companies like A&E, Panasonic, Toyota and many other household names. Not long ago we profiled Zemoga’s experience developing nifty digital products for Men’s Heath Magazine.

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If you are looking for third-party validation on the work ethic and creative over-spill of Colombia’s talent pool, go no farther than midtown Manhattan where DJ can sit down and tell you all about it. Just bring a cup of coffee for the hard-working CEO, just in case.

– Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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