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Google Unveils Project Bloks, Bringing "Tangible Programming" to Kids

Tech giant Google is hoping to develop the programmers of the next few decades with their Project Bloks initiative, which aims to make coding a hands-on learning process for children.
Using two types of pre-made physical blocks called “base boards” and “pucks”, kids can create something real, like a musical instrument or a toy, and that device can send data to a computer or smartphone.
Project Bloks is an open-source idea that allows developers to contribute their own pucks and base boards to the mix, adding to the growing trend of physical computer toys for kids.
Learn more about Project Bloks in this video.

Matt Kendall

During his 2+ years as Chief Editor at Nearshore Americas, Matt Kendall operated at the heart of both the Nearshore BPO and IT services industries, reporting on the most impactful stories and trends in the sector.

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