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Hildebrando Expands into South America with Bogota Operation

Hildebrando, one of the largest Mexican software developers, has launched its South American operations in Bogota, Colombia. Software development will be conducted out of a new facility constructed by TelMex in the exclusive Parque 93 District, known for its sumptuous restaurants, quiet residential areas, and a beautiful park.

Although Hildebrando’s client base includes IBM, New York Life, Microsoft, and Banorte, initially the Colombia operation will be focused on one client. “We are expanding the model that works for Mexico: TelMex and Hildebrando,” said Country Manager Rafael Lopez Escalera. Ramping up with a relatively small staff recruited from Colombia, Hildebrando plans to hire at least 400 Colombian technicians by the end of 2013. Humberto Sánchez Sandoval, VP Negocios, told Nearshore Americas. “We will be selling our services in the industries with success stories: Banking, insurance, trading, telcos, government.”

Hildebrando will provide application development, maintenance and support, consultancy, systems monitoring, project management, and ERP services. “We are also interested in the Colombian IT market, and extending our reach into Colombia,” said Lopez Escalera. Sánchez Sandoval added, “We will have an M&A operation during 2012.”

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Established in 1986 in Aguascalientes, Hildebrando currently has 18 branches in seven countries. Corporate headquarters are in Mexico City, and US headquarters are in Houston. The company has its European delivery center in Madrid.


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