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Celebrating Valentine's Day in Latin America

As partners throughout the United States get ready to celebrate their love this weekend, some in Latin America will be doing the same. The holiday is different — and observed on other dates — in some locations, however. February 14 is Mexico’s El Día del Amor y la Amistad, or Day of Love and Friendship, which is for cherishing all loved ones, not solely romantic significant others. The same goes for Colombia, but it takes place on September 20. Bolivia traditionally also held its El Día del Cariño, which translates to Sweetheart Day and is more about romantic love, in September as well, but February 14 has become another special day over time. Then there is the Día del Cariño in Guatemala on February 14, making the Central American nation the closest to the common customs of the day in the United States.

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Jared Wade

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