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Three Rising Stars in Mexican Art to Watch in 2018

Following in the footsteps of Frida Khalo, three new female artists from Mexico are showing their own signs of greatness in the Mexican art world.

Arantxa Ximena Rodríguez (pictured) uses a unique technique based on geometric shapes and spiritual, ritual symbols known as “mandalas”, exhibiting her fractals, sculptures, and pieces with neon lights in global locations.

Hilda Palafox ‘Poni’ communicates her authentic style through illustrations, ceramics, and murals. Hilda designed a Google Doodle for Elvia Carrillo Puerto, a Mexican activist and feminist.

Fher Val designs street murals, original products, and tattoos. Her unique style of contemporary illustration captures Mexico’s colorful culture. Fher gives workshops to young Mexicans in illustration and design.

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Original story: Ilse Blanquet, Latin American Post.

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