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BMC Software Sets up Latin American Headquarters in Bogota

American software firm BMC has set up its Latin American headquarters in the Colombian capital of Bogota. The news comes just weeks after Venezuelan IT veteran Gregorio de Freitas took over as chief executive of the company’s operations in the region.

Houston, Texas-based BMC develops and sells software used for multiple functions, including IT service management, data center automation, performance management, virtualization lifecycle management and cloud computing management.

BMC reportedly chose Colombia because of what it called the Andean country’s growing army of “well-qualified” IT professionals.

The Colombian headquarters will also oversee the company’s operations in Central America and the Caribbean. In South America, BMC also has offices in Venezuela as well as in Colombia.

BMC is the 20th largest software company by revenue in Latin America, where it has an alliance with Everis.

In Bogota, BMC has launched a marketing campaign under its slogan “bring to life”, putting forth a list of technology tools that it promises will streamline IT management.

For now, BMC is focusing only on reaching out to clients in the region’s lucrative sectors such as banking, telecommunications and oil.

With 6,900 employees and operations in 120 countries, BMC is often credited with pioneering the Business Service Management (BSM) concept as a way to help better align IT operations with business needs. Having acquired more than a dozen smaller software and IT services firms over the past two decades, it has a large variety of offerings.

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Last year, BMC de-listed its stock from the Nasdaq and went private. Shortly afterwards it was purchased by a group of venture capital funds –– including Bain Capital, Golden Gate Capital and Insight Venture Partners.

The company name is taken from the surnames of its three founders — Scott Boulette, John Moores, and Dan Cloer.

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