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Buenos Aires Imposes Curfew Again, As COVID Cases Rise

Argentina has once again imposed curfew in capital Buenos Aires following a sharp surge in COVID infections. Reports say the country’s president has also contracted the virus, which has killed nearly 60,000 people since March last year.

In a televised address to the nation, President Alberto Fernandez expressed frustration at the second wave of the virus, saying the pandemic was attacking his country again and that it was not giving in.

Under the measure, schools will be shut until April 30. And there will be restrictions on religious and cultural activities.

The South American country is recording an average of 25,000 daily infections, a huge number considering the fact that Argentina is home to barely 45 million people.

Many governments across Latin America are avoiding imposing blanket lockdowns as they are aware that such measures would eliminate more jobs and plunge more people into poverty.

Many Argentinians are protesting against the government’s decision by honking car horns and banging on pans, according to Reuters.

“All ports of entry remain closed to most nonresident foreign nationals until further notice. Only citizens, legal residents, and foreign nationals authorized to travel for employment, commercial, diplomatic, or sporting events, and essential family reunification reasons are allowed entry,” reports local news outlet Grada, citing government sources.

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Narayan Ammachchi

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